Suwannee Baptist Association

Celebration of Praise

Our association wants everyone who wishes to participate.  Through generous support, any church who may find it difficult to finance the purchase of music can contact the Association office to receive music that has been provided.  

Celebration of Praise Combined Practice Dates

Each Practice will start with a light breakfast and coffee

July 29th 9:oo am - 12:00 pm Mt Olive (Full Choir Practice)

August 26th 9:oo am - 12:00 pm FBC Live Oak (Full Choir Practice)

Sept. 30th 9:oo am - 12:00 pm FBC Live Oak (Alto & Tenor) & Westwood Baptist (Bass & Soprano) (Sectional Practice)

October 14th 5:30-8:00 pm Technical Run Through (Coliseum)